City of Bolivar Announces Creation of Emergency Response Dive Team

From Left: Instructor Hunter Winfrey, BPD Officers McKinney, Wilkerson, Munoz and BFD Engineer White

The City of Bolivar announced today that it has taken the first steps to create and certify an emergency response dive team. Current members of the team include Bolivar Police Department Officers Chris Wilkerson, Cris McKinney, and Nellie Munoz, and Bolivar Fire Department Engineer Rory White.

The four-person team completed the first phase of their training during the week of July 12, 2020, to become certified open water divers. The team is being trained through The Dive Shop in Memphis led by Fayette County EMA Director and ERDI Instructor Hunter Winfrey. They will continue their training in the coming months with the ultimate goal of becoming certified public safety divers.

“The decision to create and certify a dive team came as a result of the opening of Sand Beach Lake last year. As we move toward the continued construction of the park and begin to add attractions, we felt that it was prudent to ensure that we had a rapid response dive team in case of a water emergency,” said Mayor Julian McTizic. The team is working collaboratively with the Hardeman County Rescue Squad to ensure that we have the necessary resources to respond to emergency situations on our waterways.”

From left: Dive team members White & Wilkerson

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