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Street cleaners

Streets & Sanitation

Eddie Vandiver,
Public Works Director

100 North Lauderdale Street

Bolivar, TN  38008


(731) 658-5252

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The Street Department is a combination department responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of approximately 106 miles of streets within the geographical city limits of Bolivar.  The city street sweeper operates on a daily basis in order to keep our city beautiful.


The Sanitation Department provides weekly door-to-door curbside waste pick-up to residents within the city limits at a fee of $10.00 per month billed conveniently on your utility bill.


Additional waste receptacles are available for purchase.  An $5.00 per month fee is charged for the pick-up of additional receptacles.  



Commercial dumpsters are provided to all businesses inside the city limits.  Fees for commercial dumpsters and waste removal are based on the size of the business and the frequency of service.

The City of Bolivar Streets & Sanitation Department prides itself on helping our local business owners to succeed.  Whether to help you review your parking & street connection or to advise you on your commercial waste removal needs, we are here to assist you when you need us.

Brush Removal

The streets and sanitation department provides many services to our residents including brush and limb removal.  The brush removal truck runs an east-to-west route through the city with no set daily schedule.  We ask that you place your brush and limbs neatly beside the roadway for pickup.

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Bulk Item Removal

Bulk item removal includes all bulk items other than demolition materials, tires, and appliances containing Freon.  Help us keep our city clean during this time by placing your items neatly at curbside.


Bulk item removal occurs during the months of  January, April, July, and October of each year!

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Holiday Schedule

 The Streets & Sanitation Department is closed on all city holidays.  During this time, sanitation pick-up generally occurs later in the week.  

Sanitation schedule changes are posted in the local newspaper and on the City of Bolivar Facebook page!

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