City Reduces Speed Limit in Residential Neighborhoods

Bolivar, TN 08/06/2020: The City of Bolivar will be reducing the speed limit on residential streets to 25 MPH effective immediately according to Mayor Julian McTizic. “I have consistently been receiving telephone calls and complaints regarding speeding in our residential neighborhoods. In addition, many have requested the installation of speed bumps throughout these residential neighborhoods,” said Mayor McTizic.

According to McTizic, the installation of speed bumps in neighborhoods, while a deterrent, presents its own safety issue especially when emergency services personnel are responding to an emergency. The speed bumps slow critical response times for emergency agencies and can damage their vehicles. There was also a concern expressed by the city’s insurer regarding the installation of speed bumps.

“Speeds in excess of 25 MPH are dangerous for both the citizens who live in our residential neighborhoods as well as our children who are at play. Our children are our most treasured asset and should be able to play outside in our neighborhoods without fear of motorists speeding down their streets,” said McTizic.

The reduction of the speed limit to 25 MPH will be coupled with enhanced patrols of our residential neighborhoods by the Bolivar Police Department to ensure that the new speed limits are enforced.

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