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Hometown Heroes Honored

The City of Bolivar, Bolivar Fire Department, and Bolivar Police Department honored four employees on Friday, June 14, 2019, at a ceremony at the Bolivar Municipal Center. Each of the employees were presented with a Hometown Hero Award. The employees were honored for their outstanding teamwork and heroic actions during their response to a motor vehicle accident in February 2019.

On February 8, 2019, the Bolivar Fire and Police Departments were dispatched to the scene of a motor vehicle accident in Bolivar. Upon arrival, initial first responders quickly ascertained that the driver of the vehicle had suffered a heart attack and immediately began CPR while awaiting the arrival of emergency medical responders. The employees worked together as one team to successfully resuscitate the driver of the vehicle.

Honored for their heroic actions were Investigator Christopher Burkeen and Officer Juana Munoz of the Bolivar Police Department and Lieutenant Eric Seaton and Volunteer Firefighter Charles Thompson of the Bolivar Fire Department.

In addition to the presentation of the Hometown Hero award, Retired Assistant Chief and Volunteer Firefighter Emmett Bolyard was presented with a framed copy of the House of Representatives Joint Resolution No. 167 honoring his fifty-five years of service to the Bolivar Fire Department by Representative Johnny Shaw. The resolution was adopted on February 25, 2019, and was presented to the House of Representatives by Representative Ron Gant and Senator Dolores Gresham. The resolution reflected “it is fitting that the members of the General Assembly honor those individuals who have performed with uncommon devotion and enthusiasm throughout their years of public service.”

“We are thankful for the tremendous staff we have representing the City of Bolivar. The staff at both the police and fire departments have difficult jobs and face tremendous adversity on a daily basis. We are very proud of all of these staff members for their quick response, their outstanding teamwork, and their calm demeanor in the midst of a life-threatening situation,” said Mayor McTizic. Chief Lynn Price and Chief Michael Jones echoed the mayor’s sentiments with a joint statement. “Our staff are called to a life of public service. They face dangerous, stressful situations daily and usually meet people at the worst possible moment of their lives. They always handle these situations with professionalism and dignity. We are extremely proud of them, not only for their actions on February 8th, but for their unwavering commitment to our community, our citizens, and each other.”

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