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Meet Your Neighbor-February 2020

Photo of Mayor McTizic and Mrs. Linda Clifft
Mayor McTizic and Mrs. Linda Clifft

February’s neighbor is Mrs. Linda Clifft. Meeting people like Mrs. Clifft is exactly why I love my job. She was nice, extremely personable, humorous, an avid Vols fan, and has an absolutely beautiful smile. Mrs. Clifft comes to Bolivar by way of Virginia. Born in Danville, Virginia, she eventually made her way to Arlington. During her early adult years, she worked at the Pentagon in the personnel office of the Secretary of the Army. One day, while waiting at a bus stop to go to work, she met Mr. Richard Clifft. This happenstance meeting led her to a life of wedded bliss with Mr. Richard Clifft and to Bolivar.

Together, they have one daughter and three grandchildren. Mrs. Clifft is the former Director of the Hardeman County Chamber of Commerce and now works in the Hardeman County Trustee’s office. Having come to Bolivar from a metropolitan area, Mrs. Clifft just loves the feel and the people of a small town where everybody is friendly.

What’s humbling about this story was her reaction when Mayor McTizic told her that we would like to feature her as our February neighbor. Mrs. Clifft said, “Why me? I haven’t done anything important.” Mayor McTizic replied, “Why not you? You are important to us.” This interaction between them made me appreciate the things that are great about small towns. In small towns, EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT. In the case of our small town, the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts; the whole is greater BECAUSE of the sum of its parts, and it is neighbors like Mrs. Clifft that make Bolivar such a great place to live.

If you see Ms. Clifft out and about, be sure to say HELLO! If you see Mayor McTizic and I out and about, you may be our next featured neighbor!

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