Meet Your Neighbor - June 2019

June’s neighbor is Mr. Westley Bills. You have probably never heard of him. Mr. Bills is one of those neighbors that you see ALL the time, but just do not know who he is. I will tell you who he is – he is the nicest and funniest man you will ever meet. If you have seen a man riding around Bolivar on a lawn mower pulling a cart containing his tools of the trade, then you have seen Mr. Bills.

We caught up with Mr. Bills on one of his “not-so-busy days” and decided to have a chat with him. To say that he was surprised to be our June neighbor is an understatement – he was thrilled. Mr. Bills was born and raised in Bolivar, and per his account, he won’t be leaving Bolivar. He says the people here are always so very nice, and he loves that about Bolivar. Mr. Bills says that he leads a simple life and has never had a need for a car because he gets around just fine on his mower. By the way, he does not plan to buy a car anytime soon.

If you see Mr. Bills out and about, be sure to say hello! If you see Mayor McTizic and I out and about, you may be our next featured neighbor!

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