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Meet Your Neighbor - September 2019

Photo of Stacy Turner and Mayor McTizic
Mr. Stacy Turner and Mayor McTizic

September’s neighbor is Mr. Stacy Turner. Stacy was born and raised in Hardeman County. He attended Grand Junction Elementary School and Middleton High School. He moved to Bolivar approximately 15 years ago after marrying his wife, Crystal. They have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. Stacy said that he loves living in Bolivar, and loves the friendly nature of the people in Bolivar and Hardeman County. Stacy said that he is excited about the changes happening in Bolivar and looks forward to seeing what the future will bring for our community.

Stacy has been employed at Dixie Funeral Home for 15 years and finds solace in helping families through their time of sorrow. After talking with him for this segment of Meet Your Neighbor, it is quite evident that he has a genuine, caring disposition and a gift for speaking words of comfort. Thank you, Stacy, for providing that calm, reassuring voice to our citizens and helping them through the most difficult times of their lives.

If you see Stacy out and about, be sure to say HELLO! If you see Mayor McTizic and I out and about, you may be our next featured neighbor!

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