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Spotlight on Business-October 2018

October’s Spotlight on Business is on Southern Daisy’s Boutique. Southern Daisy’s is located at 1324 West Market Street in Bolivar. The idea of owning her own boutique was a passion that Karen Moore shared with her children. The dream became reality in 2013. Southern Daisy’s offers women’s apparel, including Charles River apparel, HOBO purses and wallets, and many unique collectibles. Ms. Moore loves the Bolivar community because her customers are the best that Hardeman County has to offer. Ms. Moore stated that her entire family believes in Hardeman County and supporting its local businesses.

Photo of Karen Moore and Mayor McTIzic
Southern Daisy's Owner, Karen Moore and Mayor McTizic

The City of Bolivar wishes to thank Southern Daisy’s Boutique for the services it provides to our community and for its continued support of our local economy.

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