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Mayor McTizic Appointed to Tennessee Renewable Energy & Economic Council

Bolivar, TN | June 10, 2021

Bolivar Mayor Julian McTizic was recently appointed to the position of West Tennessee Coordinator of the Tennessee Renewable Energy & Economic Development Council (TREEDC). The announcement was made by Mr. Warren Nevad, University of Tennesseee MTAS/TREEDC Director, on June 7, 2021.

Mr. Nevad stated, " We look forward to working with you to help bring in more clean energy development and awareness in West Tennessee. Your leadership will help TREEDC transform more West Tennessee communities into sustainable communities that creates new jobs and economic development in the region."

TREEDC, a 501c(3) grassroots organization of 108 Tennessee cities and counties was founded on August 21, 2008, by four Tennessee mayors representing the cities of Pikeville, Gainesboro, Graysville, and Crossville, along with UT President Emeritus Dr. Joseph E. Johnson, and UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS).

TREEDC's mission is to promote and connect renewable energy with economic development for all Tennessee communities. For more information on the Tennessee Renewable Energy & Economic Council, please visit their website at

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