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Sand Beach Lake Revealed

Photo of sunset at Sand Beach Lake
Beautiful Sunset at Sand Beach Lake

Mayor Julian McTizic, members of the Bolivar City Council, and city employees revealed the long-term plan for Bolivar’s newest attraction, Sand Beach Lake, on Thursday evening, May 23, 2019, on the grounds of the new park.

The new park, which will encompass a total of 122-acres, will feature its crown jewel, Sand Beach Lake, and will be located at 575 East Market Street. The land for the park was purchased earlier this year. Land clearing began almost immediately. The work being done at this time is a collaborative effort among the parks and recreation department, the streets and sanitation department, and the utility department. The crews have already cleared acreage at what will become the main entrance on East Market Street and installed two culverts. The park is bordered on the west side by East Margin Street. A section of land across the street on the west side is also a part of the planned park development.

The development and construction of the park amenities will occur in phases over a five year period. Planned amenities for the park include ample parking on both sides of the park, restroom facilities, green space with an amphitheater, walking trails, a wood boardwalk, kayak, canoe, and paddleboat rentals, a pavilion, BBQ grills, fishing pier, a fenced playground, a zipline, a swimming beach and beach volleyball, a boat ramp, tent camping, and rental cabins. Temporary signs that include a rendering of the finished park will be posted on both the East Market and the Margin Street sides of the development.

“We are so very proud to unveil the plans for Sand Beach Lake. “It is awe-inspiring to see the beauty that this area holds. Early morning walks are so peaceful as you enjoy the aroma of the honeysuckle, listen to the waters of Spring Creek babbling through the woods, and escape in the joyful sounds of the song birds,” said Mayor McTizic. “It is our vision that Sand Beach Lake will eventually offer Bolivar citizens the staycation of a lifetime.” “The area is almost two for the price of one. On one side of the levee is a crystal-clear and still lake while on the other side of the levee is a nature area likened by one of our employees as rendition of Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee with towering cypress trees, cypress knees, geese, and many turtles nestled on logs soaking up the sun’s rays.” “It is probably one of the most beautiful and best kept secrets in West Tennessee.”

“I am equally proud of the staff, specifically the streets, utility, and parks staff, who are working diligently to begin making this park a reality. They have come together in brotherly fashion and have worked tirelessly to ready it for the public to begin using it,” said McTizic.

The public will be allowed to begin using the lake immediately for fishing, and appropriate licensure is required. Small boats, kayaks, paddleboats, and canoes are welcome. The lake will be considered a “no wake zone lake”. The main trails are also open immediately. This is a natural area with the same wildlife as Pleasant Run Creek Park so we urge citizens to take precautionary measures to ensure their enjoyment of the area. As with any lake or natural area, there are beautiful creatures in abundance such as turkeys, deer, ducks and geese, but there are also ticks, mosquitoes, insects, and snakes. Swimming is not allowed at this time, but is planned for the future. All-terrain vehicles and hunting are strictly prohibited.

While we encourage use of the area by the public, we must notify the public that the park is still under construction. Construction involves the use of heavy equipment and machinery; therefore, extreme caution should be utilized while using the park and personal vehicles should be parked well away from the area where construction is in progress. There may be times when the area is closed due to construction, and we ask for your patience during these times.

We also encourage visitors to take plenty of pictures while enjoying the park. Use our hashtags to help further our tourism reach! #bolivartn #proud2BBolivar #sandbeachlake


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