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Business Spotlight - December 2018

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Photo of Richard Hodge and Mayor McTizic
Richard Hodge & Mayor McTizic

December’s Spotlight on Business is on Richard’s BBQ. Richards is located at 413 West Jackson Street in Bolivar. Richard’s has been owned and operated by Richard and Debra Hodge for over 30 years. Richard’s has the best BBQ in Bolivar serving up pork, chicken, ribs, bologna, fish, & shrimp any way you want it. Richard turned his BBQ hobby into his livelihood after layoffs occurred at the old Harman Automotive factory. The rest, as they say, is history.

For these segments, I always ask our business owners this question, “Why do you love doing business in Bolivar?” Richard and Debra’s response goes along well with our recent posts on the #30DaysOfThanksgiving. Richard’s response was this: “I love the people and the community, and I’m going to tell you why. In 1993, my business burned to the ground. The only thing left was one onion and a melted knife. Within 4 days, I was open and running again because the people of Bolivar, and a few from out of town, volunteered their time, money, and materials to rebuild the Richard’s BBQ you see today.” WHAT A GREAT TESTAMENT TO OUR TOWN AND OUR PEOPLE!

The City of Bolivar wishes to thank Richard’s BBQ for the services it provides to our community and for its continued support of our local economy. #ShopLocal

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