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Sanitation Collection Changes

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The time has finally come! Our new sanitation collection truck is scheduled to arrive next week. In addition, new trash carts will also arrive. This new system has been purchased by the City of Bolivar in an effort to promote the cleanliness of Bolivar and to make garbage collection uniform throughout the city.

Cart Delivery

We will begin delivery of your new carts on Monday, October 28, 2019. Each household in the City of Bolivar will receive one (1) new 96-gallon trash cart that will be provided free by the city. The carts are stamped with a serial number that will be assigned to your address when the cart is placed. When your cart is delivered, it will be positioned in the best place for the automated truck to reach it. Please make note of the delivery position. A hanger with all necessary information will be attached to your cart upon delivery.

Cart Collection

We will begin collection using the new truck and cart system on Monday, November 4, 2019. On your normally scheduled collection day, place the cart by the curb approximately three (3) feet from the street with the handle facing your house. To ensure pick-up, you should routinely have your cart out by 6:00 AM on your scheduled collection day. You may place your cart at the curb the night before your collection day if you wish. Remove your cart after your trash has been collected and do not leave it at the curb.

What Goes In the Cart?

Only typical household garbage goes in the cart. The garbage should be placed in plastic bags and sealed to prevent litter and to help keep your cart clean. If you do not appropriately bag your trash, the City of Bolivar will not be responsible for litter left on your lawn when the cart is emptied into the truck.

What DOES NOT go in the cart?

DO NOT put lumber, shingles, rocks, dirt, batteries, or old tires in the cart. Do not use the cart to dispose of hazardous wastes such as paint, motor oil, poisons, and flammable liquids. Do not place hot coals from your barbecue grill in the cart as it could melt or catch fire.

Bulky Items

Bulk item removal will continue as normal. Items that are too big or bulky to place in the cart, such as appliance, mattresses, furniture, etcetera, will be picked up on a quarterly basis ONLY during the bulk item removal months of January, April, July, and October. Do not leave bulk items at the curbside except during the scheduled collection months. NO ITEMS CONTAINING FREON, TIRES, CONSTRUCTION OR DEMOLITION MATERIALS, WILL BE PICKED UP.

Yard Waste

YARD WASTE (grass trimming, brush, limbs) collection will continue as normal. Please DO NOT place yard waste in this cart.

Additional Trash?

Only the items placed inside the cart will be picked up by the sanitation department. Trash not placed inside the cart will not be picked up!

We request that you be patient with the City of Bolivar staff as we transition to this new process. As with any new process, we expect that there will be growing pains. We will address those issues as they arise, and thank you in advance for your understanding.


Questions regarding the upcoming changes to garbage collection should be addressed to Bolivar City Hall at (731) 658-2020.

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